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Fat Jack


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Code:Fat Jack
The long-casting Shadow RapĀ® Fat Jack dives fast when cranked. With a very slow rise on the pause, it perfectly imitates the fade of a dying baitfish. Designed for slow presentations with a steady retrieve and built with a subtle natural rattle created by two internal glass beads, Fat Jack will draw aggressive strikes even from the most passive fish. Detailed Shadow RapĀ® Series baitfish and attractor patterns help cover all fishing situations while the wire-through construction withstands even the biggest fish.
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Product Options (Must select one):
Fat Jack - Albino Shinner
 Albino Shinner
Fat Jack - Green Nude Tiger
 Green Nude Tiger
Fat Jack - Haymaker
Fat Jack - Hollow Brn Grayfish
 Hollow Brn Grayfish
Fat Jack - Live Bleak
 Live Bleak
Fat Jack - Live Roach
 Live Roach
Fat Jack - Matte Black
 Matte Black


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