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A unique blend of materials and body shape helps gives this range of soft plastics a great action. The belly of these plastics are made of a salt formula which is heavier than the top material, together this gives the plastic a stable body position making the plastic swim dead straight through the water. The tail action of these plastics is very subtle with a constant side to side movement that makes it perfect for slow rolling for species like Bass, Jacks and Barra. They are also a great option for jigging in deeper water as the lack of body roll and streamlined body profile will see them sink quicker than other plastic types. Hopping them along the bottom for species like Flathead, Jewfish and Trevally is deadly. They are shrimp scented to help with return bites from wary fish. The durability is impressive considering how soft they are and every plastic comes out of the packaging straight and ready to go. Most anglers will rig these on a jighead but they can be rigged weed-less if required. They are available in 4 sizes, 3”, 4”, 5” and 6’’ in a host of different colours. These plastics are great value for money and well worth having in the kit for most species in Australia.
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