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Penn Clash


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Durability , Smoothness, and Precision is what CNC-Gearâ„¢ Technology delivers. By using state of the art software and CNC machinery the drive, pinion and oscil-lation gear are cut to exact tolerances using premium metals. 2000-5000 utilize a machined brass pinion and machined aluminum drive gear. 6000 and 8000 utilize a machined brass pinion and drive gear.
Reel Model Bearings Drag Rating Gear Ratio Reel Capacity Reel Type Reel Weight
2500 8+1 6kg 6.2:1 240yd/10lb Spin 238g
3000 8+1 8kg 6.2:1 250yd/15lb Spin 286g
4000 8+1 8kg 6.2:1 360yd/15lb Spin 300g
5000 8+1 14kg 5.6:1 420yd/20lb Spin 473g
6000 8+1 14kg 5.6:1 490yd/30lb Spin 580g
8000 8+1 18kg 4.7:1 465yd/50lb Spin 762g

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